SMLSD is a highly successful mobile development company established in 2009.
Founded on the principles of building mobile applications that feature high quality user engagement,
immersive environments and comprehensive customer support & satisfaction.
SMLSD develops exclusively for the iOS & Android platforms, featuring a team of
highly skilled professionals in Toronto, Canada & Timisoara, Romania.

Our love of Massive Multiplayer Online Games has spawned a passion to create
immersive, fun, multiplayer worlds for mobile devices.

Mobile technology is our high.

We are are incredibly excited for the future of gaming on mobile platforms.
As hardware providers continue to improve the processing power and capabilities of mobile devices;
we strongly believe that they will dominate the gaming landscape.

Latest News

10/09/2012 - 14:44
SMLSD has just released Cartel 2: The grittiest, most realistic urban sim to date!
01/25/2012 - 16:26
Because you have enjoyed your battle to dominate the galaxy in "Aeon Wars 2105", and because you struggled to work your...